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Sustainable fashion from Latin America in Europe

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Andes Munay, the innovative project that merges both fashion and sustainability in the hearth of Europe!

This project started back in 2019, when two Ecuadorian students living in Budapest decided to share a hint of the Latin American taste with Europe. They decided that fashion would be a great way to connect the roots of the new world with Europe. But at the same time, they wanted to be challenged even more, deciding to merge as well, the culture sharing project with a social project, aiming to help the indigenous communities of Ecuador.

As the idea was taking physical form, more and more people got interested in the core values of Andes Munay, which are among others sustainability, and fashion. When talking about sustainability, more than one element can be addressed, starting with the fact that every fabric, thread and leather, are handmade and fair-trade obtained, plus they are environmentally friendly. As for fashion, the elements used as inspiration for the unique designs Andes Munay offers are taken out of nature by indigenous artisans that pass their traditions from generation to generation, ensuring the richness of the production but also the quality.

But, how did this project take off? After months of planning, organization and long talks with indigenous artisans. Andes Munay was constituted and stated as an entrepreneurship of two Ecuadorians that has grown exponentially up to this day! So for now, the catalogue of the goods that are part of Andes Munay include handicrafts like high-quality straw hats, handbags with unique designs, ponchos and blankets with traditional patterns, while of course, everything is colorful and represents the heritage of the Andean region.

The hard work always pays off, and the achievements of Andes Munay in this past year and half have been extraordinary! If you want to know more of them, don’t miss our next entry in the upcoming week!


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