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Our artisans, the minds behind the masterpieces

As we appreciate the designs of every piece of clothing, every hat and every handbag, we need to also acknowledge the effort behind each item.

Our artisans are the central and fundamental piece of Andes Munay. With their skills, they create incredible designs. However, their background is even more complex than their designs.

The ecuadorian artisans that are in charge of elaborating all the apparel live in humble conditions. Nonetheless, this does not pose a limitation for them to create incredible handmade pieces. The workshops of indigenous in Ecuador are totally artisanal, which adds extra value to each of their creations, as they live mostly in rural areas and communities out of big cities.

Moreover, the skills they develop have been transmitted from generation to generation, from grandparents to grandchildren, making the techniques used to elaborate each item traditional and with the best of the qualities.

As our artisans see family as a core element in their lives, they also consider their household as a valuable support for their daily tasks on their workshops. In this particular matter, they have generated structures for the job that include both parents and children, who help on small chores but contribute to the development of each item.

What is more, and something thought-provoking, is the fact that mothers are the head of most of the businesses and the workshops in the indigenous communities. Their work includes designing the products, manufacturing them and even administration tasks, which comes as huge responsibility for indigenous women.

As women constitute a pillar in the processes of producing all the goods Andes Munay offers, and even more, they also need to focus on their roles as mothers. Despite the fact that these circumstances represent a sacrifice, it helps on empowering women in indigenous communities through work, effort, love and passion to transmit their culture to the whole world.

Do not miss our next entry that will further explore indigenous women empowerment and the inspiration of the artisans to create such amazing and unique patterns and designs.

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